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Traffic Evaluation Requests
Please use the form below to submit a request for traffic and safety to be evaluated in your area. Reasons for submitting a request may include:
  • High vehicle speeds
  • High volume of a cut-through traffic on a neighborhood street
  • Pedestrian or bicycle safety concerns at a specific area, crosswalk, or intersection

Additional items to note before submitting a request:
  • This form is not for requesting stop signs or speed display trailers. 
  • The application does not ask the applicant to select a specific traffic calming treatment because Public Works will determine that through a technical evaluation.
  • No funding is required from the applicants or the neighborhood. The City of South Burlington funds these projects through a consulting line item in the Department of Public Works budget and the Capital Improvement Plan.
  • No data collection is required from the applicants or the neighborhood. Public Works or a hired consultant will collect data as appropriate. 
  • Applications will be reviewed and prioritized quarterly.

To learn more about the request and evaluation process, see the full report here:
Traffic Request Evaluation Guidance

To see the list of current requests and scoring, click here:
Traffic Evaluation Requests - May 2024

If you'd like to fill out a form and email or mail in your request, download it here: Traffic Request Form

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