All property owners have the right to appeal the assessed value on their property each year.  

The desire to address high taxes is usually triggered with the arrival of the tax bills each year.  

Warning: Property owners can not appeal their taxes.  While the Assessor's Office would love to lower everyone's taxes, we simply do not have the authority to change taxes.  The tax rates are set by The City Council and The School Department.

The Assessor's Office can however address property Value.  Should you believe that your assessed value is inaccurate you must appeal to the Assessor's Office in writing.  You should be prepared to provide a basis for the appeal. This basis must speak to the market value of your property and must be backed up by evidence of recent sales of similar properties.

The process for adjusting values happens in mid-June each year.  We ask that you contact the Assessor's office before June (preferably in mid to late May) to start the appeal process.

Please use the Property Value Review Request Form listed below should you wish to have your property value reviewed.  Please fill out the form to the best of your abilities and return to the Assessor's Office at the address at the top of the form.

The State of Vermont Secretary of State Office along with The Property Valuation and Review Division of the State of Vermont Tax Department provides a document called "A Handbook on Property Assessment Appeals" as an overview of the appeal process.