Water Quality

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Welcome to the South Burlington Water Quality (Wastewater Treatment) Department.  The Wastewater Department manages the City's two wastewater treatment plants (on Airport Parkway and Bartlett Bay Road) and the 36 pump stations that collect sewage waste around the city.

(January 15, 2024)
The City of South Burlington is working with the State of Vermont and a consulting firm (Hoyle, Tanner & Associates) to characterize the nature of discharges into the City’s sewer system. The information collected about these discharges will allow the City to better manage any specific pollutants of concern that are discharged into the sewer system. As part of this effort, the City is requesting that businesses in South Burlington complete a "Sewer User Questionnaire" by no later than February  12, 2024. Completion of this questionnaire will help us identify the types of businesses discharging into the system as well as the origin and type of pollutants that may be associated with each wastewater discharge.
If you received an initial questionnaire, it can be accessed here. The initial questionnaire is due as soon as possible. If you received a follow up survey, it means that we are looking for additional information about your facility. That survey can be accessed here and is due no later than February 12, 2024.
If you would like to discuss this project with a City representative please contact Bob Fischer, South Burlington Wastewater Superintendent, at (802) 658-7964 or bfischer@southburlingtonvt.gov

Wastewater Permitting:
All wastewater permitting in South Burlington is managed through the City's Department of Planning and Zoning. This includes wastewater connection permits, wastewater allocations, and grease, oil and sand interceptor permits. Information regarding wastewater permits, including "How To" guides and application documents, can be found on the Planning and Zoning web page located here.

Permit fees are established by the South Burlington City council on a periodic basis. Current wastewater fees (as updated for FY24 starting on 1/16/24) are:
   -Sewer Rate: $ 48.20 / 1,000 cubic feet
   -Sewer Allocation Fee: $16.17 / gallon
   -Sewer Connection Fee: $63 ($50 connection fee and $13 digitization fee)

Contact Us:

Robert Fischer, Water Quality Superintendent
(802) 923-5601
Email:  bfischer@southburlingtonvt.gov