Appointments to Other Public Agencies

The following public agencies are supported by the City with the following appointed representatives from South Burlington:

Burlington International Airport Commission Representative: Helen Riehle, 1559 Hinesburg Road. 318-3425, 4-year term 

Channel 17 Trustees: Meaghan Emery - City of South Burlington; Michele Kupersmith, Alternate - City of South Burlington

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Representative: Chris Shaw, 2-year term 2024;  Alternate: Meaghan Emery, 2-year term-2024.

Clean Water Advisory Committee (CWAC) Representative Dave Wheeler, 2-year term 2024;  Alternate: Christine Gingras,
2-year term-2024.

Champlain Water District(CWD) Representative: Dennis Lutz, 9 Lupine Lane, 863-1514, 3-year term - 2023

Chittenden County Communications Union District Representative: Tim Barritt, 162 Royal Drive - 1-year term - 2024; Alt. Representative: Jessie Baker

Chittenden Solid Waste District(CSWD)  Representative: Paul Stabler, 75 Butler Drive, 862-9283; Alt. Representative: Allison Lazarz 

Green Mountain Transit (GMT)  (FKA: CCTA - Chittenden County Transportation Authority)  Representative: Michael Scanlan 3-year term- 2026. 
Alt. Representative: Tim Barritt, 3-year term- 2026

TAC (Transportation Advisory Committee) Representative: Tom DiPietro, 104 Landfill Road 802-658-7961, 2-year term-2024;  Alternate: Adam Cate 104 Landfill Road 802-658-7961, 2-year term-2024.

Winooski Valley Park District Representative: Larry Kupferman, 47 Central Green, 3-year term-2026.