Board of Abatement

          The Board of Abatement members are all elected officials of the City of South Burlington and derive their charges from State Law. The duties consist of hearing requests for abatement of taxes due on a property. 


Agendas and Minutes for South Burlington's Board of Abatement 
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The Board does not meet on a regular basis but attempts to keep it's meetings to one in the late winter and one in the fall. 


The Board of Abatement is comprised of the City Council (5 members), Justice of Peace (15 members) and the City Clerk. All members of the Board are elected officials. The Justice of the Peace are up for re-election in November in even number years and the Clerk is elected every 3 years.

Justices of the Peace and City Clerk:

Peter Taylor     -  Chair             
Patrick Benner  - Vice-Chair     
Chuck Bolton                
Allyson Milot-Downing                         
Agnes Clift                               
Tracey Harrington                    
Maurice Mahoney
Pat Mahoney                    
Bob Nowak                             
Pat Nowak                              
Jason Kirchick                             
Chris Shaw                              
Michael Sirotkin  
Michel St. Germain                     
Lynn Vera
Donna Kinville  - Clerk                                            
(All Justice of the Peace members are up for re-election in November 2016 & Donna Kinville is up for re-election in March 2018)
Council members:
Tim Barritt                               Term ends 2019
Tom Chittenden                     Term ends 2020    
Meaghan Emery                     Term ends 2018    
Helen Riehle                            Term ends 2018   
Dave Kaufman (Interim)        Term ends 2019 

If you wish to contact the Board of Abatement, please call Donna Kinville at 846-4119 or send a letter to:
                  South Burlington Board of Abatement
                  c/o Donna Kinville, City Clerk
                  575 Dorset Street
                  South Burlington, VT 05403 

2019 BCA & Board of Abatement Annual Report - To view the entire City's Annual Report click here