City Charter Committee

          The South Burlington City Charter Committee receives referrals from City Council regarding potential changes to the City Charter. Upon review and study the Charter Committee will make recommendations to City Council addressing the matters which have been referred to it. The Charter Committee is appointed by City Council and the members of the Charter Committee select their own Chair and Vice-Chair.

Committee Members:

Paul Engels      15 Orchard Rd, 734-8047       2023 
Chuck Hafter    44 Barrett St., 923-6997   2021
Donna Kinville   82 Fieldstone Dr., 862-5238   2022
Peter Taylor, Chair    4 Mayfair St., 862-9455    2021 
Ronald Plante    1475 Spear St., 777-0937    2022 

(appointments are 3 year staggered terms, expiring in the year listed)

For a link to our City Charter, amended 2012, Click Here

Minutes and Agendas
The City Charter Committee meets only when the City Council calls for a meeting. There are no regularly scheduled meetings.
Agenda and Minutes for the City Charter Committee
To access all city meeting documents, click here.

City Charter Committee Final Report & Recommendations to Council Feb. 21, 2012