Economic Development Committee

Mission Statement:

The Economic Development Committee’s mission is to support South Burlington’s diverse and vibrant economy built on quality jobs and employment centers partnered with a supportive educational and research systems. The committee works in concert with other committees, boards and economic development organizations. To this end, the committee provides guidance and policy recommendations to the City Council on how to attract new enterprises, maintain a diversity of thriving businesses that contribute to the vitality of our community, municipal services, and education system.  In addition to developing a strategic plan aligned with the City’s housing, transportation, energy and environmental goals as well as infrastructure capacity, the vision of the committee shall be to promote South Burlington businesses’ future prosperity and the quality of life of our residents with a commitment to quality, sustainability and smart-growth principles (City Council, R-2018-12)

The Committee expects to meet at monthly at City Hall, 180 Market Street.  From time to time the date and location may change; prior to attending a meeting verify the date and locations on the South Burlington Meetings & Events page prior to meetings.  The South Burlington calendar is also available from the City's home page.

Agendas and Minutes:
Agendas and Minutes for the South Burlington Economic Development Committee 
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Name   Term Exp
vacant    3 YR - 2025
Harris Kennedy Linge Jr, Vice Chair    3 YR - 2025
John Robert Burton    3 YR - 2024
Michael Biama, Clerk    3 YR - 2025
vacant    3 YR - 2024
Sriram Srinivasan    3 YR - 2025
Tom Bailey, Chair    3 YR - 2024
Council Liaison
Andrew Chalnick, Council 
City Staff

Ilona Blanchard, Community Development Director
Annual Reports
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