Open Space Interim Zoning Committee

Open Space Interim Zoning Committee

The prioritization for conservation of existing open spaces, forest blocks, and working landscapes in South Burlington in the sustenance of our natural ecosystems, scenic viewsheds, and river corridors. Under a prior Interim Bylaw, an Open Space Report was completed (April 2014), which includes proposed Land Development Regulations in Appendix D and provides a basis for the work to be accomplished by the current Open Space Committee.

Current Members

Alyson Chalnick  Natural Resources Committee 
Duncan Murdoch, Vice-Chair  Natural Resources Committee 
Tami Zylka Recreaction and Parks Committee
Amanda Holland Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee
Bernie Gagnon  Planning Commission 
Betty Milizia  Dog Park Committee 
Sam Swanson  Energy Committee 
Meaghan Emery, Clerk  City Councilor 
Vince Bolduc  Public Member 
Sophie Mazowita  Public Member 
Allan Strong, Chair Public Member 

The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month, also the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. 
Our repository for committee documents has changed. To access all city meeting documents, click here.
All meeting Agendas and Minutes for the South Burlington Open Space Interim Zoining Committee are located here.

You can view the Final Report from March 6, 2020 here. 


2004 SEQ Bird Habitat Evaluation
2005 Arrowwood Environmental Final Report
2005 Graphic SEQ Environmental Condition
2005 Graphic SEQ Master Plan
2011 Open Space Natural Resource Scorecard
2011 Recreation Site Evaluation Matrix
2013 Sustainable Agriculture Report
2014 Open Space Report
2018 All-time Conservation Fund Acquisitions
2018 All-time Conservation Fund Revenues & Expenditures
2002 Open Space Strategy

Status Report to City Council/Planning Commission 08/01/2019
Presentation to City Council/Planning Commission 08/01/2019

Interactive online map of selected natural resources mapped in South Burlington (first draft) prepared by the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission