Recreation & Parks Committee

Recreation & Parks Committee
The Recreation & Parks Committee is an advisory committee to the Recreation & Parks Department, made up of seven to nine volunteer citizens of South Burlington, who are appointed by the City Council. 

All meetings are open to the public and are typically held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:00 pm at the City Hall Offices at 180 Market Street. 

Current Members: 
Alastair Hayes 2026
Brett Visger 2026
Cyndi Freeman 2025
Erin Buzby 2025
Jonathan Pence 2024
Mike Simoneau - Vice Chair 2024
Oliver Pierson 2026
Ravi Venkataraman 2024
Will Sudbay - Clerk 2023
    **(appointments are 3 year staggered terms, expiring on June 30th of the year listed)
Staff Liason: Adam Matth, Recreation and Parks Director

Our repository for committee documents has changed. To access all city meeting documents, click here.
All meeting Agendas and Minutes for the South Burlington Recreation & Parks are located here
Indoor Recreation Facility Recommendations
Proposed Indoor Recreation Facility Page 

Annual Report
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Interested in applying to serve on this committee?
Here is some helpful information:

Expectations for committee members:  The candidate should understand and be interested in engaging in the mission, duties, and purpose of the committee. 

Mission: The mission of the Recreation and Parks Committee is to support the Recreation and Parks Department in their goals and efforts to provide recreation and program opportunities; and to acquire and maintain recreation facilities and recreation open space. We do this in concert with the NRPA pillars of recreation: Conservation, Health and Well-being, and Social Equity.

Duties and Purpose of the Committee: The Committee shall consult with and advise the Director of Recreation and Parks in matters affecting recreation programs. These matters shall include:

  1. Review of park/facility related projects
  2. Review of program offerings
  3. Review of department policies, and city policies affecting the department
  4. Review of finances and proposed budgets
  5. Assisting in the development of long-range planning, including needs assessment and setting priorities
  6. Providing interface and collaboration with other city committees
  7. Other matters as they arise
  8. Review Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s) for inclusion of recreation, conservation and connectivity.

 Time Commitment: The work of the committee extends beyond the time of meetings, and may include:

  • reading and revising documents
  • serving of a task force
  • attending meetings of other committees
  • volunteering for Department events
  • advocacy in the community
  • Expressed interest in supporting the mission of the department
  • Attendance at monthly meetings

 Desired Experience: writing/editing, working with statistics, advocacy, research, planning, real estate. In recruiting future officers, experience and/or ability in executive function and inclination is desired.