What is affordable housing?
South Burlington Housing Data 
Chittenden County Housing Data
The Case for Housing: Report of the Housing Space Working Group, March 2020
Report on the additional revenues generated from new housing developments vs. the additional costs to the City, Stewart, 2020

South Burlington Housing in the News

Habitat for Humanity builds affordable housing: Zoning hoops make building a challenge (The Other Paper, 7/15/2021)
Was interim zoning intended to stop development like the Long family's? Dooley, 5/27/2021
Recommendation on aligning PUD and conservation options with Comp Plan and “Unfair housing practices” statute Memo 4/27/2021 
Fair Housing South Burlington City News, 4/22/2021
Affordable housing in the city: by the numbers P. DeMichele, 4/8/2021

Recommendation on balancing environmental protection with housing affordability Memo 4/2/2021
Uniqueness of the Southeast Quadrant, Bolduc, 3/18/21
Recommendation on expansion of inclusionary zoning, Memo 2/2/2021
A deeper dig on housing and open space, Simson, 1/28/21
Advocating for balance, civility and accuracy Dooley, 1/21/21
Housing equity & preservation of open space, Vermont Fair Housing Project, 12/29/20
What is a thriving community? Dooley,12/22/20 
Understand a new report on "The Case for Housing" Bolduc, 10/15/20
New Census estimates quantify South Burlington’s growth Black-Plumeau, 1/30/20
Sixty new apartments open in South Burlington Vermont Business Magazine, 1/13/20
Inclusionary zoning talks continue  Jonswold, 11/7/19
Interim Zoning in South Burlington likely to reduce housing affordability Black-Plumeau, 1/15/19
Household economics, savings, and housing Dooley, 12/6/18

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