Wheeler Conservation Easement Task Force

At the direction of the City Council, this committee is exploring the best way to place a long term conservation easement on the Wheeler Nature Park.


Meeting times TBD.  From time to time the date and location may change; prior to attending a meeting verify the date and locations on the South Burlington Meetings & Events page prior to meetings.  The South Burlington calendar is also available from the City's home page.

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Committee Members:

Donna Leban, Chair (Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee)
Cathy Frank, (Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee)
Jennifer Kochman, (Recreation and Leisure Arts Committee
Michael Simoneau, (Recreation and Leisure Arts Committee)
Melissa Cuke, (Natural Resources Committee)
Elizabeth Milizia, (Natural Resources Committee)
Sarah Dopp,  (South Burlington Land Trust)
Michael Mittag, (South Burlington Land Trust)
Cathyann LaRose, (City Planner)
Maggie Leugers, (Recreation & Parks Director)
Mark Kane, (SE Group)
Drew Pollak-Bruce, (SE Group)