City Council Resolutions


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Resolutions are formal decisions by the city council to do or not do some act on the behalf of the city within the council’s authority. These include a wide range of topics such as resolutions to purchase or convey real estate, enter into contracts, form an advisory committee, adopt a policy, take a formal position, or authorize the City Manager or other agent of the city to take some action on its behalf.  

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2021-01    Amending the Capital Improvement Program for FY 2022-2031 01-04-2021
2021-02 Condemning the Storming of the Capitol and Calling on Congress to act to bar instigators from holding positions of power or the Public Trust     
2021-03 Convey to A Third Party of Conservation Easement on the Wheeler Nature Park       04-19-2021
2021-04 Resolution Regarding the Inclusion of All Residents who are 15 Years of Age and Older to be Voting Members of our City Advisory Committees.
2021-05 Resolution Authorizing Replacing City of South Burlington Credit Card Company 05/19/2021
2021-06 Resolution Recognizing and Honoring the Service of Jennifer Kochman 06/21/2021 
2021-07 Recognition Kevin Dorn & Naming of Senior Center  06/21/2021
2021-08 Recognition of Thomas Hubbard, Thomas H Hubbard Recreation and Natural Area  06/30/2021
2021-09 Resolution in Support of Fair and Impartial Policing Policy 07/06/2021
2021-10 Policymaking to Reduce Carbon Emissions And Counteract Climate Change 07/23/2021
2021-11 Resolution to Establish a Committee on Common Areas for Dogs 07/06/2021
2021-12 Resolution Establishing a Health Insurance Reserve Special Fund 09/20/2021
2021-13 Resolution Amending The Public Art Committee Charge 11/01/2021