City Council Resolutions


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Resolutions are formal decisions by the city council to do or not do some act on the behalf of the city within the council’s authority. These include a wide range of topics such as resolutions to purchase or convey real estate, enter into contracts, form an advisory committee, adopt a policy, take a formal position, or authorize the City Manager or other agent of the city to take some action on its behalf.  

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2024-01 Resolution of Necessity for Capital Improvement Project 01/02/2024
2024-02 Declaration of Official Intent of City of South Burlington to Reimburse Certain Expenditures from Proceeds of Indebtedness 01/02/2024
2024-03 A Resolution Adopting And Warning The FY2025 City Budget and Enterprise Funds 01/16/2024
2024-04 A Resolution Amending The Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2025-2034 01/16/2024
2024-05 A Resolution to Approve The Use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Revenues To Fund Captial Projects In The FY25 Budget 01/16/2024
2024-06 A Resolution to Approve the Use of REserve Fund Balance Revenues to Fund Capital Projects In The FY25 Budget 02/05/2024
2024-07 A Resolution Establishing The Fiscal Year 2025 Water, Sewer, And Stormwater Rates and Connection Fees 01/16/2024
2024-08 A Resolution Establishing Registration Fees and Inspection Cycles for the Residential Rental Registry In The City of South Burlington 02/20/2024
2024-09 A Resolution Establishing A Rental Registry Special Revenue Fund In the City of South Burlington 02/20/2024
2024-10 City Council Resolution Honoring Helen Riehle for Her Years of Service to South Burlington  02/20/2024
2024-11 City Council Resolution Honoring Meaghan Emery for Her Years of Service to South Burlington 02/20/2024
2024-12 A Resolution Establishing Speed Limits on Public Streets and Highways In The City of South Burlington 04/01/2024
2024-13 City Council Resolution Declaring April 2024 Fair Housing Month 04/01/2024
2024-14 City Council Resolution Establishing a Safe Routes to School Task Force 06/03/2024
2024-15 City Council Resolution Expanding Sextons Committee 06/17/2024
2024-16 City Council Resolution Extending Expired Committee Appointments until new Appointments are Made 07/15/2024