City Council

Meet the Elected Council

The South Burlington City Council is comprised of 5 elected officials. Terms are alternating 2 and 3 years. Regular meetings of the City Council are held on the first and third Monday each month at 6:30 pm. The meetings are typically held at City Hall.

 City Councilors

Helen Riehle website headshot 2023 320x400  

Helen Riehle
City Council Chair
3-year term, ending 2024

1559 Hinesburg Road

Meaghan Emery headshot 2023 320x400  

Meaghan Emery
City Council Vice- Chair
2-year term, ending 2024

27 Myers Court
Tim Barritt headshot 2023 320x400  

Tim Barritt
City Councilor and Clerk of City Council
3-year term, ending 2025

162 Royal Drive

Andrew Chalnick headshot 2023 320x400  

Andrew Chalnick
City Councilor
3-year term, ending 2026

670 Nowland Farm Rd

Larry Kupferman headshot 2023 320x400  

Larry Kupferman
City Councilor
Mid-term appointment, ending 2024

47 Central Street

Annual Policy Priorities & Strategies

FY24 Policy Priorities and Strategies – City-wide

FY24 Policy Priorities and Strategies – Committees

Staff Supporting City Council

Jessie Baker          City Manager                OFFICE: City Hall, 180 Market Street    PHONE: (802)846-4107
Steve Locke          Deputy City Manager    OFFICE: City Hall, 180 Market Street    PHONE:  (802)846-4107

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City Council Documents