What is City Plan 2024?
City Plan 2024 is our update process for our municipal plan, called the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. See below for more information about municipal plans generally. Our City Plan 2024 and 2016 Comprehensive Plan are both names for versions of the City's municipal plan. 

Generally, what is a municipal plan?
City Plan 2024 will be the 2024 version of our municipal plan. The municipal plan is the City’s overarching policy statement about what we want South Burlington to be and to strive for in the coming decades. It guides the City Council, Planning Commission, and other government entities when they make policy decisions, adopt changes to the Land Development Regulations, and apply for grant funding.

Why do we have a municipal plan?
First, the State of Vermont requires municipalities to adopt a municipal plan under 24 V.S.A. § 4382.
Second, the City uses the plan as the City’s umbrella policy statement for all City entities. The City’s priorities for updating or changing policies, for directing City resources and efforts, and pursuing new projects should be directed by the policy statements in the current 2016 Comprehensive Plan. This provides the City, its volunteer committees, its commissions and boards, the City Council, and the staff departments with holistic guidance on how to move the City forward. Adopting City Plan 2024 will be an update to the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. 

How often do we update our municipal plan?
The City of South Burlington adopts a new municipal plan every eight years. The current plan was adopted in 2016 and the new plan must be adopted by February 2024.

What needs to be in the City Plan 2024?
Vermont state statute 24 V.S.A. § 4382 requires the municipal plan to include: a statement of objectives, policies, and programs of the municipality to guide the future growth and development of land, public services, and facilities, and to protect the environment; a land use plan; a transportation plan; a utility and facility plan; a statement of policies on the preservation of rare and irreplaceable natural areas, scenic and historic features, and resources; an educational facilities plan; a recommended program for the implementation of the objectives of the development plan; a statement indicating how the plan relates to development trends and plans for adjacent municipalities, areas, and the region; an energy plan; a housing element; an economic development element; and a flood resilience plan.

How can I participate in the City Plan 2024 process?
Public Meetings: We have scheduled several public meetings focused on either geographic areas of the City or on specific topics for members of the public to provide their perspectives and feedback on different subjects covered by our Comprehensive Plan. You can find the schedule of those meetings on the Upcoming Meetings page. The virtual option for all public meetings is meet.goto.com/SBCity/CityPlan2024
Online: We will also be launching an online poll for community members and a place to submit written comments. Check back for that option!
Review of Drafts: During the spring and summer 2023, the Planning Commission will be holding its meetings on the City Plan 2024  discussing first individual sections or topics in the City Plan 2024 and then the full draft plan. You can find the 2023 Planning Commission agendas here - 2023 (sbvt-records.info).

Where can I find the current 2016 Comprehensive Plan?
The 2016 Comprehensive Plan can be found here: SB_Comprehensive_Plan_Complete_Adopted_2-1-2016.pdf (revize.com)