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SB Police  - Sharp Increases In Crime

The South Burlington Police have recorded sharp increases in a number of crime categories 2020 – 2022. The data presented is fiscal year June to July. Two recent stolen vehicles were involved in serious crashes within the city, specifically, a stolen car from Burlington fled from officers and crashed into a Tanglewood Drive home on 11/02/2022. Last week, on 11/22/2022 a stolen truck crashed into another vehicle on Dorset St. at Market St. Both incidents resulted in injuries, serious property damage, and highlight the dangers this stolen vehicle trend are presenting to the public.

The City has also experienced an increase in gun violence over the same period attributed to one homicide, one attempted homicide, and other criminal gun fire incidents.

The community can be very effective partners in reducing crime. We encourage our residents and visitors to be aware of this data and to take measures to avoid falling victim to property crime. Simple steps such as; locking your car and taking the keys with you, removing valuables from cars, securely stowing bicycles and mopeds, locking the doors and windows of your residence, and investing in security camera technology are all helpful in deterring crime.

Lastly, no one knows your neighborhood better than you. Despite our staffing challenges we have maintained minimum personnel on all patrol shifts and willing to respond to situations that our residents identify as suspicious.

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