Music of Another World

Music of Another World

This unusual concentration camp was established in a small fortified town in Bohemia. The majority of its inmates came from one of the cultural capitals of Europe: Prague. There were many artists of all sorts there and musical life and creativity went on despite horrendous living conditions. On February 22, you will hear recordings of music by some of the composers who were incarcerated at Terezin. You will hear a historic recording of Verdi's Requiem, performed by an inmate chorus on the occasion of the visit of Nazi officials and International Red Cross representatives in 1943.

All culture - music, dance, art, literature, food - is a product of the political-social context in which culture-makers live. Music of Another World is a series of four presentations, each focusing on a different group of musicians and their music, all making music under the constraints of the Nazi regime. Your guide will be Lois Price, a library staff member and musician.

This series will take place on the 4th Wednesday of the month, January-April. Presentations will combine spoken information as well as recordings of musical examples from each group of composers. Each will run 60-75 minutes.

1/25 The Kulturbund orchestras
2/22 Music in Terezin
3/22 Music in the Camps
4/26 Music of the Ghettos

Registration is not required for this program. All are welcome! Email with any questions.

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