Kites! Kites! Kites!

On Saturday May 21st we hosted our Kites in the Park event at Veterans Memorial Park. This event was sponsored and supported by Vermont Federal Credit Union who brought the Kite kits and popsicles for all to enjoy. From little kids to grownups, we had all sorts of folks show up to enjoy the morning at the park and fly their kites!

Kites in the Park is an event that we put on each year to allow folks to build a kite, color it, and then fly it! We supply all the materials and have the perfect location! Veterans Memorial Park is known for its windy environment, which makes it an ideal spot to fly a kite. When you are building your kite, there is music and popsicles to enjoy. We also have some lawn games set up, so you can enjoy some games in the park before or after flying your kite. Don’t want to make one? Bring your own kite and fly it with us!

This year we made over 75 kites! At one point, if you looked up in the sky at Veterans Memorial Park, all you would have seen is kites flying high! How cool! Thank you to everyone who came and had some fun! A special thank you to Vermont Federal Credit Union for helping us put this on! See you next year!