South Burlington Food Shelf  - Donations Needed!

South Burlington Food Shelf  - Donations Needed!
The South Burlington Food Shelf Is in need of donations.  Want to help?

Located at 356 Dorset Street / South Burlington, VT 05403 -
(802) 858-5267 /

Hours: Thursday 9:30 – 11:30 AM (Donations Only) / Thursday 4 – 6 PM / Friday 8 – 10 AM / Saturday 8 – 10 AM

We accept donations anytime we are open plus 9:30am to 11:30am on Thursdays.  Or you can drop off any dry donations in the red bin in the City Hall Lobby, located in front of the Library door.

What can you donate?  Here is a list of items that are in always in need of:

Canned meats (tuna fish, chicken, spam, hash)
Canned fruits
Pasta/Tomato sauce
Canned vegetables
Pasta and Mac and Cheese boxes
Coffee and Tea
Sauces and Salad Dressings- Ketchup is the most popular but we take all sorts
Baking Product- flour, sugar, cooking oils etc
Beans especially baked beans but also other types
Rice- this is one we run out of often
Peanut Butter
Jellies and Jams- we always run out of this
Paper Products- Towels (always in high demand), Tissues, Toilet Paper
Feminine Hygiene Products
Soaps (hand, face, dish, and laundry and shampoos) 

 - In a separate container they will take fresh produce, dairy items, and meats and fish. We want this separate from the shelf stable food so we don't accidentally leave it on a shelf instead of the fridge or freezer.

 - Monetary donations and gift cards to supermarkets are always welcome

We are UNABLE TO TAKE  fresh or frozen turkeys (too big for our storage capacity), wild game, alcoholic beverages, baby food or formula and open containers of food.

Anything helps and your donations are appreciated.  Have more questions?  Go to their website at