Wildlife at Wastewater Facilities!

Did you know that the two South Burlington Wastewater Facilities, although located in the City, have an abundance of wildlife within their fences? The Bartlett Bay Facility has wild rabbits, squirrels, racoons, woodchucks, skunks, bobcats, deer, coyote, foxes, and turtles. The Airport Parkway Facility has all those, plus there have been sightings of turkeys and a marten. Both facilities have ducks that overwinter on the secondary clarifiers (large clean water tanks at the end of the water treatment process). The Laboratory Director Jennifer Garrison has rescued four turtles that were near or on Airport Parkway road.  The two snapping turtles were released to the Winooski River – and the two painted turtles were released to the Storm Water Pond. She also rescued a kitten from a storm drain with Operator Ashliegh Belrose. The kitten was cared for by a City Hall employee and taken to the veterinarian, but sadly did not survive. Last Friday, Jennifer rescued a baby rabbit she found hiding. Its siblings were killed and there had been no sign of the mother for two days. The baby rabbit was not yet weaned, so a wildlife rehabilitator, who specializes in wild rabbits, took it in. It was placed with several others of the same age, and is now doing well.
Turtle 1Turtle 2
Person with turtleBunny in box