Immediate Volunteer Opportunities!

September 26, 2023

Immediate Volunteer Opportunities!

Development Review Board (DRB)
Charged with reviewing applications for land development and making determinations in compliance with the City’s Land Development Regulations. Applicants should have knowledge of or a strong interest in architecture and engineering, construction, natural resources, transportation, land use law, and/or broad knowledge of the community. 3 Year Position - Expires 2026 Meets twice monthly.

Common Area for Dogs
Makes recommendations for integrating the needs of dog owners and dogs into City spaces, including enclosed dog parks and open, off-leash areas. 3 Year Position (1 Year remaining) - Expires 2024. Meets monthly.

Public Art Committee
Make recommendations for the selection of artists and acquisition of public art in public facilities and space. 3 Year Position (1 Year remaining) - Expires 2024. Meets monthly.

Energy Committee
Addresses the City’s goals to promote energy efficiency, affordable energy, and lessen our reliance on non-renewable energy resources. 3 Year Position - Expires 2026. Meets monthly.

Town Meeting TV Trustee
Oversees the Chittenden County Government Access Channel Trust. The Trustees contract with CCTV to operate the channel on behalf of its members. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to public access television and promoting civic engagement. Meets monthly.

Deadline for Committee Applications:  Wednesday November 1, 2023 | Visit our Website for more information at