Change In Season Brings Changes to the Clerk's Office

Change In Season Brings Changes to the Clerk’s Office

As the trees start to shed their fall colors and we prepare for the first frost on the pumpkins, it is clear that the season is changing. While we will miss the warmth of summer days and late evening skies, we must make ready for the next adventure that awaits, bringing its own fresh coat of sparkling possibility. It is fitting to remember the past and look to the future with all seasonal changes, and in the City Clerk's Office we are doing just that.

When Donna Kinville retired this past August after her 22 years of dedicated service to this community as City Clerk, I promised her I would be diligent in taking good care of the people of South Burlington—the protection of their records, the dignity of their elections and the whole of the Clerk's Office staff. Every day, these pledges serve as my motivators to do my best, carrying on steadfast traditions while still leaving room to sprinkle my own bit of magic. To that end, I wanted to introduce to you the newest City Clerk team.

Pam Correia, who has served in the office for several years as an Assistant Clerk, has been promoted to Deputy City Clerk. As a previous Town Clerk and Treasurer in Panton, Pam has a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience to lead every aspect of operations. As Deputy Clerk, Pam will work hand in hand with me to ensure general oversight of the Clerk’s Office, specializing in recordings, document management, and retention. We are lucky to have her vast knowledgebase as a consistent backbone of our services.

Alyssa Colby continues to serve as an Assistant City Clerk, a position she has held for the past year. Her genuinely kind personality, professionalism, and dedication shine as she serves as the “Queen of Customer Service,” fully managing all operations at the Clerk's counter. While she loves all her connections with everyone in the community, she has a special affinity for all our four-legged residents and takes both joy and pride in maintaining the required animal records and providing treats for counter visitors.

Brian Russell is the newest member of our team. We welcomed Brian this past Monday as an Assistant City Clerk, and he has hit the ground running with his eagerness to learn and serve. He is a consistent face at the front counter and will soon be trained in the land records management system. His previous work in real estate gives him a firm foundation of how our systems work, and his long-standing connections to this community can be felt in his interfaces with the public.

This fantastic team is eager to continue to build upon the proud traditions of this office, and we thank you for your trust, encouragement, and support. We are committed to excellence and to serving the residents of South Burlington through all seasons. Next time you are in the building, please feel free to stop on in and introduce yourself. While we can’t always promise a treat, we can always ensure a smile.

Your City Clerk

Clerk's Office Staff 10.25 (15) - Copy
Left to right: Brian Russell, Holly Rees, Alyssa Colby, and Pam Correia
October 25, 2023