South Burlington Receives $700,000 Grant Toward Wastewater Treatment Facility

South Burlington Receives $700,000 Grant Toward Wastewater Treatment Facility

This week, Congresswoman Becca Balint visited South Burlington’s Bartlett Bay Wastewater Treatment Facility. She was on site to learn about the current facility and present a $700,000 grant toward planned improvements. While the need for upgrades is primarily due to age-related deterioration, it gives us the opportunity to incorporate new energy-efficient technology into the facility.

Congresswoman Balint’s office said she “was proud to advance the City of South Burlington's Community Project Funding (CPF) application in the FY24 appropriations process. She values efforts to improve energy efficiency and was thrilled to see a $700,000 grant for your Energy Efficiency Improvements at the Bartlett Bay Wastewater Facility project signed into law as part of the FY24 Minibus Appropriations bill.”

While the treatment plant has done an excellent job treating wastewater, there is no denying that it takes a lot of energy to run all the pumps, blowers, UV lights, and other equipment required to make that happen. The design team is assessing the latest in heat pump technology to recover heat out of the treated wastewater that leaves the facility (effluent wastewater). The recovered heat is projected to be enough to heat all of the buildings at the facility without the need for fossil fuel-burning equipment.

Overall, the design of this facility will be more than just a wastewater plant refurbishment. With support from this grant, our project team is confident that the Bartlett Bay WWTF will be an industry leading example for green and energy efficient treatment of wastewater. Thank you, Congresswoman Balint, for your support in helping South Burlington achieve these goals.
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May 29, 2024