Scavenger Hunt Fun; It All Starts In Parks!

Leaves are cascading autumn colors, the air is crisp and clean and critters and creatures are scurrying around to prep for the change of season; what better time to get out there and explore?  You will note that the final page of our digital brochure is host to a simple card to help you get started on a Nature Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.  While this is an easy way to get started, it is only the beginning.  

Adding a simple theme might be the incentive you need to make free family fun out into a meaningful memory.  With all the screen time we are all exposed to, we need to connect to nature now more than ever!  South Burlington hosts fantastic parks that are largely connected by a 26+ mile recreation path.  Looking for a nature walk?  Check out Wheeler or Red Rocks.  Into natural playground elements?  Be sure to stop by Bay Crest or City Center Park.  Looking sport and play?  Veteran’s Memorial Park has everything you need.

To help you get started, below are a variety of links to various DIY scavenger hunts and outdoor hike activities for you and your family to browse and enjoy.  

Choose your own adventure; it all starts in parks!  

Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

Hiking Fun and Games: