Draft Airport Noise Compatibility Implementation Plan

Earlier this summer, the Federal Aviation Authority formally approved an updated Noise Compatibility Plan for the Burlington International Airport. The Plan lays out the approved tools that can be used to mitigate Airport noise in the surrounding community. The Plan calls for sound insulation of eligible buildings.

BTV Sound - Noise Mitigation Program ImplementationThe adoption of this plan marked the formal replacement of the prior plan, which had prioritized the purchase and removal of homes in affected areas. Only a handful of homes in the highest noise category remain in that program.

There are approximately 2,600 homes in six communities within the eligible area. This past week, the Airport’s Sound Committee, which includes representatives from affected communities including South Burlington, met and got a first look at a draft Implementation Plan.

With limited financial resources available each year, the Implementation Plan will set the priorities for the volunteer noise insultation program. The Committee will provide feedback on the proposed plan. For more information, to view the first draft plan, or for a video of the meeting, visit http://www.btvsound.com/