#SoBu Sunrise to Sunset

Start your day with a smile by taking an early morning walk along the Wheeler Nature Park trails.  Park in the dirt parking lot on Swift Street adjacent to the main entrance to Veterans Memorial Park.  As you start out, you’ll have beautiful eastward vistas and will be able to enjoy the sunrise over the Green Mountains including Mt Mansfield and Camels Hump. As you explore the network of trails you will spot old maple and oak trees, a white pine forest, vernal pool and a stream tributary of potash brook.

Sunsets over Lake Champlain are legendary.  If you have checked out the Underwood Property then you already know what a fantastic viewing spot it is.  Located on the south side of Nowland Farm Road, and just around the corner from Overlook Park, the entrance is located at the top of the hill.  You may park on Nowland Farm Road or Pinnacle Drive.  We encourage you to walk the loop around the edge of the property but the best viewing location is at a high spot along the spine.


From sunrise to sunset, you can’t go wrong by getting out-an-about in #SoBu.