ENERGY SAVINGS: $500,000 in FY2020

The result of many projects invested in the last decade the City has recorded $499,653 in energy savings in FY2020 and 1,878,914 Kwh of power were generated.

Landfill Solar - 410wThe solar farms near Public Works, Dorset Park and at South Village provided 1,659,968 Kwh of energy to the GMP electric grid. This reduced the costs of operating the two wastewater treatment plants and the Police Station by $277,874. In addition, this power generated an additional $93,969 to the energy revolving fund which was established to finance projects to further reduce the cost of energy to the City.

Total power generated was enough power to run 71 clothes dryers at the high setting continuously for a year!

Landfill Solar Farm




Airport Parkway WWTP




Bartlett Bay WWTP




Energy Fund







Street Lights



South Village Solar Farm



Public Works



575 Dorset - Heat & Lights



Micro Turbine



Traffic Lights



Soil - Sludge Removal








Total Dollars Saved: 




180 Market ST

At its October 19th meeting, the City Council received a report which outlined how the energy used by the City is measured and reported and how that data is used to identify future efficiency projects. The report listed the many things that had been accomplished in recent years—such as installing LED lighting in the Police Station and street lights, insulation projects and power factor cost reductions.

The two large projects that are currently in process are the installation of solar panels on the new Library and City Hall and the incorporation of a water turbine in the repairing of the waste water outlet into the Winooski River. Each project will provide substantial environmentally-friendly power and reduce City electrical costs for many years into the future.

Projects currently being analyzed for future construction include solar panels on each of the wastewater plants, an upgrade of the insulation properties of the Holmes Ave. Fire Station and the addition of electric vehicles and equipment to the City assets.

View the full report.

Energy Manager Lou Bresee briefed the City Council on Monday, October 19 on the measures that have been taken to reduce the City’s demand on energy sources and also to generate electricity for City uses. The presentation provided detailed information on energy uses across City functions to provide a basis to determine where and how to make improvements in consumption and where the return on investment in generation makes sense. Watch the presentation below.