Dorset Meadows Project Denied

Dorset Meadows overviewOn October 12, 2020, the Environmental Division of the Vermont Superior Court (Division) entered an order dismissing the appeals filed in connection with the Development Review Board’s denial of the Dorset Meadows final plat application. 

The Dorset Meadows project proposed a Planned Unit Development (PUD) that included 155 dwelling units on an approximately 70-acre parcel in the Southeast Quadrant zoning district (SEQ), the transfer of development rights for 71 dwelling units from a SEQ sub-district to the project property and the conservation of approximately 70 acres of land in the SEQ. 

The Development Review Board denied the final plat application in February 2020, concluding that the project did not comply with Section 9.06(B)(3) of the Land Development Regulations.  The applicant appealed and the residents of several nearby properties cross-appealed and asked the Division to dismiss applicant’s appeal. 

However, on October 10, 2020, the appellant and the cross-appellants agreed to withdraw their appeals and to ask the Division to dismiss the appeal and the cross-appeal.  As a result of the Division’s dismissal of both appeals, the DRB’s Findings of Fact and Decision dated February 27, 2020, denying the Dorset Meadows PUD final plat application, is final.  

View the plat and planning documents.