Kimball Ave Bridge - Conditions & Status

Kimball - Marshall bridge - Oct 2020The bridge connecting South Burlington to Williston on Kimball Avenue is once again in poor driving condition. Please use caution when crossing. Signage is up to warn drivers. A plan for improving the surface for the winter is in progress.

This crossing over the brook is owned by both South Burlington and Williston, and both municipalities have been working together on solutions until we can install a new permanent bridge.

At the end of September, repair work was completed on the bridge to include tightening bridge plate bolts, and laying down a 1 inch layer of asphalt. Unfortunately, this layer has not held up to the traffic. 

A couple of factors have contributed to the challenges with a long-term smooth paved ride over the bridge. First, it is not designed for long-term use with pavement and as it is temporary, it does move. Additionally, when applying asphalt, a tar base is usually installed. As the bridge is on loan from the State of Vermont, this is not possible.

The Department of Public Works will be removing the pavement and installing stop signs on both sides of the bridge. The bare surface will remain until the new bridge is installed. When this work is performed, the bridge will be closed to through traffic. 

Ultimately, a new new culvert and permanent base and asphalt will be installed next year. We will share more information when it becomes available next spring.