Rain, Snow, or Shine - Flag Rugby Plays On!

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Flag Rugby in South Burlington is a Coed, 4th-7th grade program. All equipment is provided and cleats are recommended.


Rugby is played with 15 players on the field for each team. There are 8 “forwards” and 7 “backs”. “Forwards” are considered the bigger, stronger players. “Backs” are considered the faster, quicker players – HOWEVER – the best part of rugby is that everyone has the opportunity to be involved with the ball. Unlike football where linemen never get an opportunity to run or pass the ball, rugby forces every player to be a ball handler and runner.

Passing in Rugby is done by laterals or throwing the ball backwards. You will often see a line of players, nearly straight across the field, passing quickly as they run forward to advance the ball and then pass before they get “tackled”.

We teach the game through flag rugby - we do not tackle!

We use flag belts. Players will want to pass the ball before the other team can rip a flag off their belt while they are holding the ball. Although Rugby is looked at as a hard hitting sport, players do follow a very specific set of rules to ensure safety. Many sports are currently taking principles founded in rugby to teach proper techniques across the gambit of physical play.

Again, our league does not introduce physical play at this time. We are a coed program focused on teaching the gameplay and flow of rugby.

The ball is able to be kicked in rugby as well. This may be done to advance the ball forward, generate positive field position, or to score points. Players have the opportunity to perform a “drop-kick” during gameplay to score points. They also have the opportunity for a free kick after a “try” (similar to a touchdown in football).

So, why should you play rugby?

It has elements of so many sports we already play! Athletes are often told to not focus on a single sport. Rugby is a great addition to any athlete’s repertoire. It has the creativity of basketball and lacrosse. And it eventually develops the physicality of football and hockey.

Rugby is fun. The community of players is inviting and supportive. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get all the support we did with this program. People who play rugby become engrained with one-another. The respect on the field between opponents and referees is paramount and entirely genuine. I implore you to learn more, ask questions, come for a day, and create a passion for a lifetime.


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