No Programs...What Is A Recreation Staff To Do?

I am sure many of you are wondering what it is our full time staff will be doing over the next couple of months with no indoor space to program for and no sports or gatherings allowed.  Have no fear, we have a full list of project work to keep us busy as we prepare for significant transitions coming in the spring.  We won’t bore you with all the details, but below is a quick list of some of the items on our work group to do list.

In addition, we will be doing regular park tours so we can keep up to date on how the parks are being used, what might need to be refreshed and what maintenance issues might be need to be addressed. 

Every good Recreation Professional needs to be prepared, creative and nimble for these types of situations; we certainly have a tremendous team who is ready to both zig and zag through this second wave of shut downs.  While we eagerly await a time when we can get back to direct instruction, league organization, program management and event production, know we are keeping very busy and checking things off the list to provide better and more efficient services into the future and are making good use of our time.

  • Registration Software Evaluation
  • Creation of Marketing Plan
  • Budget Work: Annual General Fund and CIP
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Parks Matrix through NRPA
  • Updating Facility Forms
  • Updating Protocols and Procedural Manuals
  • Programmatic Pricing Pyramid
  • Organization of Storage Facilities at the Park
  • Digitizing Files
  • Mapping out Park Bench Placements
  • Mapping out Hiking Trails System
  • Prepping for our Move to 180 Market Street
  • Planning for the Senior Center Programming and Staff
  • Outdoor Winter Programming: Hiking, snow shoeing and cross country skiing series
  • Virtual Program Planning
  • Summer Camp Planning
  • SoBu Nite Out Prep and Contract Planning