REHAB: Waterline under I-89

In October, a water main was rehabilitated under I-89. The aging 12 inch asbestos and cast iron pipe received a fully structural cured-in-place pipe liner. The work on the 700 feet of pipeline was completed without the traditional dig and replace disruption.

The Public Works Department worked with engineering firm Aldrich + Elliott, PC and the contractor Logistec to complete the work.  

Since the project was also set in a sensitive migratory bird conservation area, it was necessary to adhere to guidelines minimizing environmental disruption and impacts to the area. A temporary access road off Spear Street and adjacent to a landowner’s field, making it possible for the crew to drive the lining unit to the second access pit, located on the opposite side of I-89. 

To meet these challenges, the City chose an alternative that eliminated the need for the traditional dig and replace method, which is more disruptive than installing structural liners, as well as the associated costs and concerns raised with site remediation and the disposal of water mains. 

The end result is a fully‚€‘cured and pressure‚€‘tested/inspected 12-inch x 700 foot structural liner installed within 5 days.

temporary road access -waterline replacement project - oct 2020