ALERT: Increasing Scams

from Police Chief Shawn Burke

The South Burlington Police have been receiving an increasing number of reports of fraud being perpetrated via phone, text, and e-mail.  In many cases the suspects impersonate the IRS or represent that the victim has won a prize, all in an effort to convince the victim to disclose their personal or financial information. 

If you experience a situation like one of these to please talk to someone before you disclose any information, talk to someone you trust. The suspects involved in this activity want you to make decisions in a hurry. The suspects may even use veil threats of arrest or other punitive action in order to get you to disclose your personal information.  If you are contacted please slow down, check out the story, do an online search, consult an expert, contact the police, or just tell a friend.

The Federal Trade Commission offers guidance: as well as the Vermont Attorney General’s Office: on ways to recognize and protect yourselves from these scams.