Open Spaces: Red Rocks Improvements

Staff have been diligently working on improvements to Red Rock Parks utilizing Open Space Project Fund monies for the last several years. Here are some of the things that you can look forward to either during your next visit to the park or in the coming year.

The new wayfinding package for the park was fully installed this fall.  The park now has new Kiosks, interpretive signs, and directional signs.  Please check these out the next time you are at the park.  We are excited to provide you with engaging new signs to enhance your hiking experience.


Design work continues on several park priorities, including trail improvements throughout the park.  This work is taking a little longer due to permitting requirements at both the state and local levels.  As a result of the significant work required for most of the trails in the park, stormwater requirements have been triggered.  This means that in order to incorporate all of the necessary improvements all of the trails need, stormwater management needs to be considered and incorporated in our designs so that stormwater can be better managed and treated before enter Lake Champlain. 

As a result, the project was required to complete a wetland delineation to get a better sense of where wetlands are within the park.  This was completed this season, and project plans are being revised to incorporate the location of all wetlands on-site.  Staff expects design work to continue, but permitting of all projects is expected to be taking place at the same time.  


In the next year, staff hopes to begin at least three of the planned projects, including improvements to the Double Dog Trail, Beach Access Trail, and the relocation of the trail near the CWD pump house.  Stormwater projects are being designed as part of the Beach Access Trail and pump house trail work.  Staff are also looking to complete the beach culvert project once permitting is completed.

Thank you for being patient as we work through these various project issues.  Staff are hopeful that many of these projects can break ground and come to fruition in the very near future.  We feel strongly that management of the stormwater stemming from the park is not only the responsible thing to do, but it will go a long way to improving the overall water quality entering Lake Champlain. 

If you have questions about any projects completed utilizing Open Space Project Funds, please contact: Ashley Parker, City Project Manager: