Council Honors Resident John Simson

john-simsonThe South Burlington City Council considered and adopted “A Resolution in Recognition of Model Citizenship” honoring South Burlington resident John Simson.  Mr. Simson has been a very active volunteer and resident in the City for many years.  The resolution specifically recognizes his commitment to and support for affordable housing in the City and identifies multiple areas where John has made a difference in this important area of social policy. 

Currently Mr. Simson serves on the South Burlington Affordable Housing Committee which he chaired for several years after its inception.  Mr. Simson has appeared regularly before the Council to represent the Committee’s perspective on housing issues and to provide his expertise as a resource on these matters.   Here's the resolution:

A Resolution In Recognition of Model Citizenship

Whereas John Simson has provided exemplary service to the residents of South Burlington in the following roles:

  • chair of the 2013 Interim Zoning Affordable Housing Committee, whose work produced The Path to Affordability report,
  • chair of the Planning Commission’s subcommittee that prepared draft inclusionary zoning land development regulations (LDRs) for the City Center Form Based Codes district,
  • chair of the City Council created ad hoc group, whose work provided the foundation for the City Council’s establishment of the South Burlington Housing Trust Fund,
  • Interim City Councilor from the fall 2014 to March 2015, when an unexpected vacancy occurred,
  • Chair of South Burlington’s first Affordable Housing standing committee from its establishment in the spring 2016 until October 2020; which, under his leadership, developed LDRs providing for the preservation of the city’s housing stock and expansion of inclusionary zoning to the Transit Overlay District,

Whereas John Simson has used his considerable knowledge relating to housing; its financing; its essential role in the social and economic well-being of individual households and the community; and the adverse impacts of the scarcity of housing, especially for households having median or below median incomes; to inform his friends, neighbors, and colleagues (and about anyone else who will listen) about this subject,

Whereas John Simson has used his passion for this subject to bring many into the fold of housing advocates,

Now therefore be it resolved that on this date, December 21, 2020, the City Council of the City of South Burlington hereby expresses its commendation and appreciation for John’s many years of service to our community.  Bravo!