City Clerk Discusses Annual Meeting


City Clerk Donna Kinville appeared before the City Council to discuss plans for the upcoming South Burlington Annual meeting of the voters.  The threat to residents presented by the Covid-19 pandemic caused significant changes and new approaches to voting during the general election in November and some of those procedures may return for the Annual Meeting scheduled for March 2nd.  The discussion was prompted by an expectation that the Vermont General Assembly and Governor will quickly enact legislation enabling municipalities to make changes in their voting procedures due to continuing concerns about the pandemic and keeping residents safe.

Some of the voting options that may be available include rescheduling the Annual Meeting/Town Meeting to a date later in the year, mailing ballots to all registered voters and allowing them to vote by mail, sending post cards to voters alerting them to the option of having a ballot sent to them, and voting in the traditional method at the designated voting locations. 

The Council and Kinville had an extensive discussion about the options presented focusing on protecting voters but also on the process that would be needed for each option and potential costs.  Since the vote covers the Fiscal Year 2022 Budgets and potential other ballot items for both the City and the School District the Council will be looking for advice from the School Board as to any changes to be made in the process.