Proposal to City Council to Amend Wastewater Ordinance


Members of the South Burlington Land Trust have presented a proposal to the City Council that calls for amending the City’s wastewater ordinance to direct sewer treatment capacity to areas in the City they deem more appropriate for growth – generally areas outside of the Southeast Quadrant.  Staff were asked to assess the proposal and provide information to the Council as to whether and how such amendments to the current wastewater ordinance could achieve the members of the Land Trust’s objectives. 

According to Deputy City attorney Amanda Lafferty the Council can take any action they wish to amend the wastewater ordinance.  City Planning and Zoning Director Paul Conner and Department of Public Works Director Justin Rabidoux were on hand to discuss the City’s current wastewater ordinance and the proposed Land Trust changes.  Please see the nearby staff presentation for further information on these issues.

A lot of work would need to be done to generate the information needed for the Council to make a decision on such a proposal.  The Planning Commission would most likely be involved in the analysis and policy development for such a proposal prior to further consideration by the Council.  Given the current workload on the Planning Commission related to the City’s continuing development review process under Interim Zoning the Council has decided to delay in further consideration of the Land Trust proposal at least until Interim Zoning expires.

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