Sewer Upgrade project

Hadley/Farrell Neighborhood Sewer Upgrade Project

In 2019 the City completed a project that rerouted the sewer discharged from the Hadley/Proctor/Farrell neighborhood so that it was now sent to and treated at South Burlington’s wastewater treatment plant on Bartlett Bay Road. This neighborhood’s sewer was connected to Burlington’s sewer collection and treatment system at their wastewater plant on the waterfront. South Burlington paid Burlington $240,000 annually to treat this area’s sewer discharge.

Given this large annual expense, it was financially prudent for South Burlington staff to explore other options for treating this sewer service area and possibly using the money that would otherwise be sent to Burlington to finance any required system upgrades. This effort led to the project that was completed in 2019; it included one new sewer pump station at the base of Proctor Avenue, an upgraded station at the Correctional Facility and hundreds of feet of new sewer line.

Over the next 20 years, the ‘business as normal’ option of continuing to send this waste to Burlington would cost the City about $9M. The other option of rerouting and connecting to our own sewer system has a projected 20-year total cost of $3.2M. This project will pay for itself three times over during these 20 years and save South Burlington sewer rate payers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and be cash positive on day one.

When you see this savings pig, it indicates that this project resulted in saving taxpayer dollars.