Pandemic Program Impacts

Last week saw the kick off of the winter sport season for our local middle school and high school teams, as they were given the green light to ease back into non-contact and fully masked practices.  This has prompted some questions about our own recreation winter programs and when we might be able to offer a variation on our typical season with drills and skills.  While we would love to promote something like this, we are limited in the fact that we have no space to provide programs. With no indoor recreation space to call our own, we have relied on community school facilities use to run our recreational programs. January marks the tenth month of no access to these facilities due to the pandemic; with no indication of significant change in the near future. We are in close communication with the school facilities scheduler and as soon as we are permitted to use the schools spaces, we are poised to provide a diverse array of programs.  Until then, we continue to plan and offer some virtual program options; though we know you are all anxious for the day when we can once again gather in person. 


Some of our bigger programs that are not able to run due to limitations on space and current limitations include: Basketball, Ski and Ride, Valentine’s Dance and our various adult open gym and fitness classes. We continue to pay close attention to the guidance from the Governor’s Office (much of which we help develop from the recreation and sporting perspectives) and are nimble in our programming approach; ready to pivot at any time. We look forward to a full return to play, but know that will be some time before that is realized.  In the meantime, we are focused on development of a full portfolio of spring and summer programs.