Fire District Land Transfer

City Council Approves Mayfair Park Potash Brook Land Transfer

At its regular meeting on Monday, January 4th the South Burlington City Council approved the transfer documents necessary to finalize the conveyance of two parcels from Fire District No. 2 to the City.  The land to be conveyed abuts the current Potash Brook natural area south of the Mayfair Park neighborhood which was inadvertently retained by Fire District No. 2 during the original transfer of Potash Brook land to the City in 1970.  In 2015, the Fire District Prudential Committee discovered this omission and have since worked closely with City staff to complete a land survey and remove all title issues prior to a transfer. 

Last summer, after working with the heirs of the original developer of the Mayfair Park neighborhood, the attorney for Fire District No. 2 and the South Burlington city attorney, received a stipulated judgment order from the Vermont Superior Court, Chittenden County, Civil Division, removing the deed restrictions that now allow this transfer to move forward.

The official notice of the transfer will be published in the upcoming edition of the Other Paper and physically posted in three public locations throughout the City.