Summer Camp Planning Underway

Last year, our department was able to run a few program offerings in the summer. That was definitely not Plan A. We had a full slate of camps lined up for another terrific summer. However, as Rec Professionals often need to do, we had to pivot and adapt to Plan B. This year, we are looking forward to having all our Plans A through Z in order to offer the community a fun, active, and safe summer.

Due to the ever changing COVID-19 protocols, we have to flexible in our planning. Although we hope to offer a wide array of programs with many participants, we must be prepared for a shift in anticipated guidelines. That is why we are acknowledging the need for registers to understanding the possible changes that may come. This could include decreased (or hopefully increased) maximums on participants per camp offering. For this, we have put small maximums on our camps to start while generating a waitlist. If camp maximums can increase, we will begin to take on waitlisted participants.

Changes may also come to social distancing protocols or even health requirements for campers. Our instructors all understand the need for strict protocols concerning safety. At this time, we can only guess at what will most likely be the guidelines for summer camps. But knowing that these requirements may change, we will plan to adjust accordingly. For now, we are expecting all campers to wear appropriate facial coverings while attending camps. Campers are also asked to stay socially distant when possible. We will also be hosting all of our camps outdoors and promoting frequent sanitization of hands and equipment.

Transportation will not be provided for any camps this summer. In years past, we have offered adventure camps that travel around Vermont. Due to the current climate, we will not be able to provide this option. For off-site camps like Fishing, parents or guardians will be asked to drop-off and pick-up at off-site locations. We have ensured that these locations stay within acceptable distances to ease the travel time.

The good news: We have already established over 20 different week long camp offerings. Some camp will have multiple weeks to help accommodate maximum size limitations. Camp weeks will begin June 21st and run through August 27th. Camps vary in interest and day-length, but we are sure there is something for everyone. Some options include Crow’s Path Adventure Camps, Soccer Sparks, Rocketry, Baseball, Pottery, Flag Football, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Flag Rugby, Disc Golf, and Archery.

We are always looking for new camps to add, so if you or someone you know is interested in running a camp, send an email to

Registration will begin February 1st