February Grab-and-Go Senior Meal Event

This past Wednesday we held another successful (our 4th) meal pickup event at Veterans Memorial Park, handing out 75 FREE meals to older SB residents. The delicious and nutritious meals were provided by Age Well VT and consisted of a beef burger w/cheddar, oven brown potatoes, mixed beans, a dinner roll w/butter and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Our staff packaged the meals, prepared the park with a-frames, cones, tent/tables and then distributed the meal bags by placing them in the back seat or trunks of vehicles.  We were happily supported once again by SBPD officers from the Youth Services Division.  They kept the traffic flowing safely and greeted each participant as they took attendance. 

We will be holding two more Grab-and-Go events this spring.  The next event will take place on Wednesday March 10th followed by another on Wednesday April 14th.

Registration for the March 10th date is now available on the SBRP website and limited to 120 participants:

Click here to register

If you are unsuccessful registering online, you may call Brett at 846-4137 and leave your name and contact number.  Though all department staff members are currently working from home, Brett will return our call within 48 hours to confirm your March only registration.

This is a drive-through event, there is no need to get out of your car.  Simply pull up to the attendance station to check-in, then proceed up to the meal pickup tent where a staff member will place your meal bag in your vehicle for you.  All current health and safety precautions will be followed.