Is SoBu a Bicycle Friendly Community?

Do you think South Burlington is Bicycle-Friendly?

The Bicycle and Pedestrian committee sure do and think it's getting better and better every year. So why not be recognized for that? Over the last year, the committee worked with the City to complete and submit an application to have South Burlington designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. 

This is a designation that numerous other communities have achieved, including our neighbors in Burlington and Essex. This application was submitted in February and we hope that come May we will be recognized as a BFC. The huge benefit of this program is a deep look ‘under the hood’ by experts in what it takes to become bicycle-friendly and a detailed report card is provided to get to that next level and beyond. 

To help the League gain a better understanding of local bicyclists' experiences in South Burlington, they would greatly appreciate your help in completing a public survey so that bicyclists in SB can provide their input as well.

The Survey link can be found at