City Council Reorganizes

City Council Reorganizes

Each year after the City Annual Meeting the City Council reorganizes and elect’s leadership as well as making other appointments and designations.

The Council met on March 4th and welcomed new Councilman Matt Cota before voting to appoint Helen Riehle as Chair, Meaghan Emery as Vice Chair and Tim Barritt as Clerk.   The Council also appointed Barritt to represent them on the Pension Advisory Committee and selected The Other Paper as the Paper of Record for the City and TD Bank as the City’s Official Depository. 

The Council further decided to retain their same schedule of meetings; the first and third Mondays of the month unless there is a holiday that day at which case the meeting would be held on the following Tuesday.

Per the City Charter, a number of other appointments were made;


City Treasurer                                                    Tom Hubbard                                   

City Attorney                                                       Andrew Bolduc

Zoning Administrator                                          Dalila Hall

Acting Asst. Zoning Administrator                      Paul Conner      

Acting Asst. Zoning Administrator                      Marla Keene

Acting Asst. Zoning Administrator                      Betsy Brown

First Constable                                                  Corporal Kevin Grealis 

Second Constable                                             Corporal Dan Boyer

Grand Juror                                                       Kevin Dorn

City Agent & Trustee of Public Funds                Kevin Dorn


Code Enforcement Officer                       Dalila Hall

Acting Asst. Code Enforcement Officer   Paul Conner      

Acting Asst. Code Enforcement Officer   Marla Keene

Acting Asst. Code Enforcement Officer   Betsy Brown

Telecommunications Officer                    Dalila Hall

Acting Asst. Telecom Officer                    Paul Conner

Acting Asst. Telecom Officer                    Marla Keene

Emergency Management Director          Terry Francis

Health Officer*                                         Justin Rabidoux