Keeping Track of Vermont's Birds - May 15th

Keeping Track of Vermont’s Birds
May 15th -  8:00AM - Wheeler Nature Park

Join Audubon Vermont’s Conservation Program Manager Mark LaBarr as he discusses the many ways researchers and community scientists monitor Vermont’s bird populations. Mark will be demonstrating bird banding techniques as well as talking about other new and innovative ways we can learn about breeding and migration dynamics of Vermont’s birds.  Understanding the species of birds that use the City’s Wheeler Nature Park will also help us understand the type of habitat needed and how best to manage the park as a whole long-term.

May 15th -  1:00 PM - Wheeler Nature Park: Weed Warrior Event

May 26th -  6:30 PM - Webinar – Spring Comes to the Champlain Valley: Welcoming the Wildflowers with Alicia Daniel

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