Council Makes Recommendation on I-89 Corridor Study

Council Makes Recommendation on I-89 Corridor Study

By a vote of 3 – 2, the South Burlington City Council has recommended to the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) that the Commission focus its study and planning around building a new Interstate 89 interchange where Hinesburg Road passes over the Interstate.

The CCRPC has been engaged in what will be a two-year or more study covering the entire length of I-89 in Chittenden County. The purpose of the study is to identify and plan for needed improvements in the corridor to address a variety of issues including safety, shared use paths, public transportation and improvements to address efficiency.  As some of the most significant problems along the Corridor occur in the segment located in South Burlington the CCRPC has been holding meetings with the Council, public hearings for residents and meetings with relevant City committees to gauge public support for various options.

There is an expectation that improvements will be needed at Exit 14 where Williston Road passes over I-89.  The Council was also asked to consider whether or not additional access to I-89 should be provided at Exit 13 and/or if a new interchange should be built at Hinesburg Road, a so called 12 B Exit (Exit 12 is located in Williston). Potential designs were provided as part of the public information process along with a multitude of criteria to help the Council and the public identify what improvements along the Corridor would make most sense.  The last step in this part of the project was to get a recommendation from the Council as to what measures should take priority. 

The CCRPC will now continue to refine its study which will ultimately be the basis for decisions to be made by the State Agency of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration for future improvements along the Corridor.  Any actual construction is likely years away. 

Councilors Barritt, Chittenden and Cota voted to advance the 12 B option, Councilors Riehle and Emery endorsed additional access at Exit 13.
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