Council Considers Three Interim Zoning Applications

Council Considers Three Interim Zoning Applications

The South Burlington City Council reviewed three development applications during Public Hearings under Interim Zoning during their meeting on April 19th.  The Council continues to operate under the Interim Zoning process whereby development applications must be reviewed by both the Development Review Board (DRB) and the Council during a period where the City’s Land Development Regulations are being considered for significant changes.  The City may operate under Interim Zoning for a maximum of three years the end of which will come this Fall. 

The first application was by resident Alan Long for the development of 49 dwelling units on approximately 17 acres of land that he owns.  22 acres of his property would then be conserved.  The Council decided to wait for the DRB to get further into its review process for this application and so the hearing was continued. 

The second application involved multiple changes in the Master Plan for further development of the South Village community.  Much of the discussion at the Hearing was in regard to the future development of a soccer field for the City within the project. The Council closed the Public Hearing and will now deliberate over the terms of the application. 

The Council also initiated a Public Hearing on a proposal by resident Brendan Connolly to subdivide a lot in a manner that would allow for the construction of two homes to be accessed off of Sadie Lane.  The Council closed the Public Hearing and will now enter into deliberations on the application. 

Each of these applications will also be reviewed by the DRB.