Resolution Passed - New Qualifications to Serve on A Committee

Council Clarifies Qualifications to Serve on City Advisory Committees

The City Council passed a resolution seeking to clarify who is eligible to serve on City Advisory Committees. The City Council has established multiple committees to advise it on matters of policy ranging from protection of natural resources to the establishment of bike and pedestrian facilities.  In recent years there has been an interest raised by residents who are not US citizens or who are under 18 years of age to serve on committees.   

By resolution, the Council has established that an applicant to serve on an Advisory Committee need only be a resident of the City and must be 15 years of age or older.  This will allow residents who may be living in the United States on a “Green Card” or other temporary status to serve on a committee of the City in which they live and will also allow students in High School or others above the age of 15 to also serve.

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The provision went into effect on passage and so applicants that meet the new standards may now apply for and be appointed to Advisory Committees.  The new provisions do not apply to the Planning Commission or the Development Review Board which are not deemed to be Advisory Committees.  The Council is currently in the process of making appointments that will be effective on July 1, 2021.  Residents interested in serving can find application forms and information on the City website at this link