New Dog & Cat Owners -  Don't forget to Register Them!

New Dog & Cat Owners -  Don't forget to Register Them!

Are you a pet owner?  This is the time of the year that many people adopt a new dog or cat or maybe adopted a new pet during the pandemic or have a dog and catRowan Top Dog and didn’t realize you needed to register them?  This is a friendly reminder that part of being a good pet owner is to register your pet with the City Clerk’s office.  Who needs to be registered?  Any dog or cat 6 months of age or older.  Why should they be registered?  To ensure that every dog and cat has had the necessary vaccinations to protect the citizens of South Burlington.  It is also state law.

How to register your pet?  You can come into the Clerk’s office with the rabies certificate, mail in the check with the rabies certificate or pay online with a credit card (processing fees apply).  Please visit the Clerk’s webpage: to learn more.

Please don't forget to bring in your favorite furry friend(s) when you stop by to register. We look forward to seeing them every year and to give them a treat.

Any questions call us at 846-4105