Allen Road Path Project Set to Begin

Co-Construction set to begin on the Allen Road Shared Use Path Project

The Allen Road Shared Use Path project was originally part of a 2017 scoping study that looked at the approximately 800-foot gap in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure along Allen Road, beginning east of Baycrest Drive and extending to the Spear Street intersection.  The project involves the construction of approximately 830-linear feet of an 8-foot-wide paved shared use path beginning at the end of existing infrastructure just east of Baycrest Drive and running along Allen Road and then connecting to another existing shared use path across the intersection of Spear Street.  It will involve the removal of the existing southbound right-turn lane on the Spear Street approach to Allen Road, construction of the path itself, the installation of new painted bike boxes on Spear Street, new pedestrian signals, crosswalks, and lane striping at the Allen Road and Spear Street intersection.  At the beginning of 2019, the City initiated a design for this project and finalized plans at the end of 2020.

The City released a request for construction bids on April 6, 2021; and a bid opening was held on May 4, 2021.  The low bid for this project was submitted by Courtland Construction and the project team recommended that the City Council award them the contract for the construction of this project.  The City Council authorized the City Manager to negotiate and contract with Courtland Construction during a Council Special Meeting on May 25th.

This construction is expected to kick off soon, and will be funded by the City’s Penny for Paths fund.  If you have any project related questions, please contact Ashley Parker at: aparker@sburl.comAllen Road SUP Construction