PC to Consider Amendments to Land Development Regulations

Planning Commission to Consider Amendments to Land Development Regulations

Public Hearing Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 7:00 pm

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM to consider amendments to the Land Development Regulations. The amendments affect all parts of the City unless otherwise specified below. The hearing will be held in person and remotely via GoToMeeting. Participation options:

The purpose of the hearing is to consider the following:

  1. LDR-20-01: Replace Surface Water Protection Standards with Environmental Protection Standards, including existing 100-year floodplain, river corridor & stream buffer, wetland & wetland buffer, and stormwater management standards; establish standards regarding 500-year (0.2%) floodplain, habitat block, habitat connector, steep slope, and very steep slope standards; establish criteria to evaluate undue adverse effect; and related amendments referencing the above-listed resources. (Sections 2.02, 2.03, 3.01, 3.02, 9.06, 10.01, 10.06, Article 12)
  2. LDR-21-02: Generally amend or replace existing Subdivision, Master Plan, Planned Unit Development (PUD), Site Plan, Conservation PUD, Traditional Neighborhood Development PUD, Civic Space Types, Street Types, Building Type, and related zoning district, procedural, and site plan standards (Sections 2.02, 3.01, 3.06, 5.08, 6.05, 8.04, 17.08, Articles 9, 11, 11.A, 11.B. 11.C, 14, 15, 15.A, 15.C, 15.C, 11, Appendices C and E)
  3. LDR-20-08: Modify required setbacks applicable to arterial and collector roads (Section 3.06)
  4. LDR-21-04: Modify Southeast Quadrant sub-district boundaries including and between Natural Resource Protection, Neighborhood Residential, and Village Residential (Official Zoning Map)
  5. LDR-21-05: Change zoning of land to the west of Hinesburg Road, immediately south of I-89, from Industrial-Open Space to Residential 7-Neighborhood Commercial (Official Zoning Map)
  6. LDR-21-06: Modify Commercial 1- Residential 15 and Residential 4 boundaries in vicinity of Lindenwood Dr to more closely follow property lines (Official Zoning Map)
  7. LDR-21-07: Update city-wide stormwater standards, including for consistency with state regulations (Section 13.05, formerly 12.03)
  8. LDR-20-10: Establish maximum building envelopes for allowed development in the SEQ-NRP subdistrict, modify allowed building types (Section 9.12)
  9. LDR-20-17: Extend Southeast Quadrant zoning district residential building design standards city-wide, update standards (Section 13.17, formerly Sections 9.08, 9.09, 9.10)
  10. LDR-21-01 Require Solar-Ready Roofs for new buildings subject to Commercial Building Energy Standards (Section 3.18, formerly 3.15)
  11. LDR-19-07 Modify landscape requirements to allow for Solar Canopies in Parking Areas; (Section 13.04)
  12. LDR-20-22: Update to comply with Act 179 pertaining to accessory dwelling units, existing small lots, and conditional use criteria for multi-family housing (Sections 3.05, 3.10, 3.11, 14.11)
  13. LDR-20-25: Increase maximum allowed area of accessory structures and update for consistency with Act 179 (Section 3.10)
  14. LDR-20-28: Expand inclusionary zoning, offset, and bonus provisions city-wide, replacing existing bonus standards where existing (Sections 18.01, 18.02)
  15. LDR-21-03: Allow for “limited neighborhood commercial use” within a larger residential building for neighborhoods with Master Plan (Section 14.11)
  16. LDR-21-07: Exempt the conversion of a dwelling to a licensed child care facility from housing preservation requirements (Section 18.03)
  17. LDR-20-21 Minor and technical amendments to include:
    • Modify retaining wall standards (Section 13.16, formerly 13.25);
    • Eliminate DRB review of Bus Shelters within city ROW (Section 13.09);
    • Amend RV Parking standards (Section 3.09);
    • Amend Traffic visibility standards for consistency (Section 3.06);
    • Update Airport Approach Cones & FAA review (Sections 3.07, 6.02, 6.03, 13.06 [formerly 13.03]);
    • Amend review standards of Earth Products (Section 14.11 [formerly 13.17]);
    • Amend review standards for Utility Cabinets and Similar (Section 13.12 [formerly 13.19]);
    • Re-organize standards for drive-throughs (Appendix C and Section 14.11 [formerly 5.01, 5.02, 13.11]);
    • Update & clarify height of Accessory Structures (Section 13.10);
    • Update additional Height Standards for consistency (Section 3.07);
    • Modify standards for structures requiring setbacks (Section 3.06);
    • Modify setbacks for pre-existing lots (Section 3.06);
    • Update setbacks and Buffer Strips for Non-Residential Uses Adjacent to Residential Districts for consistency (Section 3.06);
    • General re-organization, definitions updates, and corrections (throughout) 

Note: principal sections / articles affected or modified by each amendment are listed above; however, amendments are located throughout the regulations. A complete table of contents of the proposed articles is as follows:  

1 Purpose and Title; 2 Definitions; 3 General Provisions; 4 Residential Districts; 5 Commercial Districts; 6 Industrial and Airport Districts; 7 Other Districts; 8 City Center Form Based Codes District; 9 Southeast Quadrant; 10 Selected Overlay Districts; 11.A Street Types; 11.B               Civic Space Types 11.C Building Types; 12 Environmental Protection Standards; 13     Supplemental Regulations; 14 Site Plan & Conditional Use Review; 15.A Subdivisions; 15.B Master Plans; 15.C Planned Unit Developments; 16 Construction and Erosion Control Standards; 17 Administration and Enforcement; 18 Housing Standards; Appendices; Maps 

Copies of the proposed amendments are available for inspection at the Department of Planning & Zoning, City Hall, 3rd Floor, 180 Market Street, and on the city website at www.sbvt.gov. 

Jessica Louisos, Planning Commission Chair
October 7, 2021